Cottage Industry License- list of Business Activities

REGISTER WITH SECTOR CLEARANCE – Trade Office, Thimphu, Bhutan

1 Bakery / Confectionary 2 Carpet Production using dye 3 Casting of Basic precious metals 4 Consultancy in Aeronautics Services 5 Consultancy in architectural and engineering activities and related 6 Contract -W2 (Traditional Bhutanese Painting/Finishing Works – Internal and external finishing and decorations of all structures in traditional Bhutanese paintings) 7 Dairy Farming 8 Domestic Employment Agent 9 Early Child Care and Development (ECCD) Day Care Center (age 3 and above) 10 Education consultancy and Placement firm / Career Education and Counseling 11 Fabrication activities 12 Fish Farming 13 Foreign Exchange services (Authorized money changer) 14 Foreign Workers Recruitment Agent 15 Home processed food 16 Integrated Farming (Agriculture and Livestock mixed farming) 17 Logging 18 Maintenance and Repair of Motor Vehicles [ including washing and polishing etc] 19 Manufacture of Apple Cider Vinegar 20 Manufacture of Card Board 21 Manufacture of Charcoal briquette / wood charcoal 22 Manufacture of corrugated/carton boxes 23 Manufacture of Handmade Paper 24 Manufacture of Incense 25 Manufacture of Mineral/ Spring Water Bottling Plant 26 Manufacture of nails/binding wire/Gabion Wire Mesh 27 Manufacture of sauces, paste, jams, jellies and marmalades 28 Manufacture of Vegetable Oil and Fats (excluding corn oil) 29 Manufacturing of alcohol-based hand sanitizer 30 Manufacturing of beer / Micro Brewery 31 Manufacturing of Bricks/ RCC bricks and blocks, hollow and pavement blocks, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks Page 9 of 21 32 Manufacturing of Chirata products (without claiming medicinal benefits) 33 Manufacturing of Concrete Tiles 34 Manufacturing of Dairy Products/Milk processing plant, Cheese butter, cream, ghee, cheese and khoya etc., Yoghurt 35 Manufacture of bedding, quilts, pillows, cushions and sleeping bags 36 Manufacture of coir foam mattresses and pillows etc. 37 Manufacture of gelatin and gelatin derivatives, glues of animal origin, prepared glues and other prepared adhesives including adhesives based on rubber or plastics 38 Manufacturing of Fruit and Vegetable Products 39 Manufacturing of fruit/vegetable juices and their concentrates, squashes and powder 40 Manufacturing of herbal products 41 Manufacturing of Herbal Tea 42 Manufacturing of Hume Pipes 43 Manufacturing of Ice Cream and /Milk Candy 44 Manufacturing of Instant Noodles 45 Manufacturing of packaging paper 46 Manufacturing of Pickles 47 Manufacturing of Skin Cosmetics 48 Manufacturing of texturized soya protein nuggets/granules/soya bean curd (Tofu) 49 Natural and Organic Food Processing 50 Noodle production (excluding Instant Noodle production) 51 Office to facilitate the treatment abroad (private patient) 52 Overseas employment services 53 Packaged Snack Food Production 54 Packaging of indigenous food products 55 Piggery Farming 56 Poultry Farming 57 Processing and Powdering of Pulses 58 Processing of Edible nuts, Areca nut, Katha Unit, processing and packaging of pan masala, supari, peanut butter 59 Production of beverages 60 Production of carbonated soft drinks and fruits juices 61 Production of wood turning products and bamboo products. 62 Production of Honey meads (Honey wine and beer) 63 Production of Jari Page 10 of 21 64 Production of Sea buckthorn (Tarbu) Tea 65 Production, processing and preserving of other meat, meat products, n.e.c. Production of Meat Sausage 66 Rearing of Goats, Production of Milk 67 River Rafting services 68 Salt Crushing/ Iodization Plant 79 Security services 70 Spa and Wellness Services (activities of Sauna & Steam bath, Herbal Bath and massage services) 71 Spa Services 72 Textile production using dye 73 Training institutes

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