Policy and Planning

Our team of specialists understand the impact of policy across a wide range of issues facing the region. Our clients —government, private firms and civil society organisations — are making complex decisions involving regulated industries and complicated commercial arrangements, taxation and public/private partnerships that necessarily operate at the intersection of legislative, political, regulatory and commercial considerations.

We work in collaboration with clients and project partners to undertake public policy research, design, analysis, strategic planning, evaluation and stakeholder consultation. On the basis of evidence-based research findings, we provide for institutions responsible for planning and implementation of public policy suggestions and recommendations regarding relevance, efficiency and impact of the decisions at all stages of public policy process – from planning of political agenda to reporting to the public and other stakeholders.

Policy Design and Mapping

We undertake intensive research, analysis and stakeholder engagement to develop policies or propose improvements to mainstream emerging issues into existing strategic documents. Policy mapping provides a unique analytical capability that enables strategic decision-making in complex policy environments. Generating a visual mapping of a policy landscape provides clients with a distinctive, holistic perspective on the policies that affect them and their stakeholders.

Policy Analysis

Our team applies a systemic approach to policy analysis and considers different areas of public policy as an integral part of overall public governance. Therefore, we do not solely focus on the specific issues of the policy analysed but also take into consideration the overall context of the policy, regulatory and legislative landscape. Besides specific sectorial knowledge, our policy analysis also encompasses a wide spectrum of economic, social, political and cultural consideration, which in concert form a comprehensive research methodology.

Strategic Planning

We provide our clients with support to plan and implement strategies that enable their organisations to achieve their long-term goals despite the uncertainty of the future. Our team will facilitate meetings, conduct research, identify requirements and gather the necessary data to develop the strategic plan for our clients. From market research to holistic business reorganization, our firm is dedicated to a thorough, personalized consultation strategy that bolsters confidence and helps our clients realize their greatest potential. We also create the planning documents and provide an executive presentation to communicate the strategy to senior management and the staff. Our firm’s collective experience in the region spans a wide range of sectors, enabling us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits our clients’ workplace culture, industry, and desired outcomes.

Political Economy Analysis

We help our clients to investigate, monitor and document why and how power and wealth is distributed between groups and individuals within an organisation or society, with the purpose of promoting a more in depth understanding of local systems and context-driven, politically-informed development interventions. Our team has experience working with donors, contractors and government partners to deepen their understanding of the development challenges and opportunities they are charged with addressing.