Monitoring and Evaluation

We help organisations measure what they do and the results they achieve. We manage and implement comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning projects, including methods to assess advocacy and long-term policy change efforts.

Depending on project needs, our team typically employs a mixed-method approach to monitoring and evaluation, utilising both quantitative and qualitative data points as well as providing gap analyses and disaggregated data for gender and vulnerable groups. Our services are motivated by learning and evidence-based decision making and aided by data visualisation and communications products. Beginning with development of performance and results frameworks, we design data collection processes that ensure projects are meeting targets and measuring their successes. As a complement to our monitoring and evaluation services, we also help develop knowledge management tools and products to support project outcomes. Our clients rely on our firm to efficiently design, implement, evaluate and disseminate results from our research and evaluations to enable them to communicate their successes and challenges to key stakeholders.

Data Collection and Analysis

We blend quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct rigorous data collection for design, implementation and evaluation of projects, programs, and policies. We help our clients determine whether initiatives work by testing hypothesis and identifying the most cost-effective avenues to attain sustainable results. We design evidenced-based monitoring systems and tracking tools so that our clients are able to monitor and adaptively manage their programs in order to achieve maximum impact.

Program and Project Evaluation

Our firm works with government, multilateral institutions, civil society and private firms to clarify, measure and improve their results. Whether our team is determining how best to measure outputs and outcomes, or identifying the reasons for current levels of performance and impact, we design evaluation methodologies to pinpoint what will best help our clients. Our specialists have extensive experience implementing both formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluations at the project, program, and organisational levels of analysis. Ultimately, we provide our expertise in evaluation to help clients assess process, performance, and impact.

Logic and Results Frameworks

We work collaboratively with clients to develop logic and results frameworks to ensure their projects and initiatives progress as planned. Our team starts by conducting a situation analysis to assess needs and existing resources. We facilitate a program clarification process with clients to clarify a theory of change and develop a robust results framework. Our specialists will then design a tailored MEAL framework that suits our client’s project and organisational context. Informed by qualitative and quantitative data, we help identify key indicators and metrics to capture and embed into existing systems.

Research Support

We offer hands-on assistance in conducting research, including primary data collection in the field, to assist in the design, implementation and evaluation or client projects, often in complex environments and spanning a wide myriad of sectors and industries. Our team has extensive experience coupling original market research with a deep understanding of local contextual considerations to give clients the information and evidence-based recommendations they need to succeed.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management helps organisations turn human capital into intellectual capital by creating value. Our specialists collaborate with clients to develop knowledge management strategies based on organisational goals and project objectives. We work with graphic designers and knowledge management specialists to collaboratively generate, share and maintain knowledge attained over the course of a project for our clients. From producing infographics to complement an impact assessment to visually mapping quantitative data to strengthen an overview of lessons learned, our firm helps our clients make the most of their knowledge.