Consultancy in Bhutan

We are an consultancy firm in Bhutan providing investment advisory services for setting up Foreign Direct Investment & Business in Bhutan. 

As a multi-disciplinary firm, we work across many sectors providing various services – pre-feasibility studies, market study, feasibility studies,  Detailed Project Report as well as having a dynamic project team for implementing of the project in Bhutan. 

Technical Advisory Services in Bhutan

We are committed to building a better working world — with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

Our approach embodies who we are: a community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways to deliver sustained outcomes for projects & business, their customers, stakeholders and communities, which make a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain.

Our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered and meaningful experiences which deliver real-life results.